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  1. xD I have no idea why I think like that tbh, it's odd huh?

    Anywho :') where bouts you from? (:
  2. Oh, why? XD

    Even though the main chars seems like Cloud indeed ;P They most be family
  3. Ew no; I seem to be sexist against women despite being one. Lead woman who's similar to the awesomeness that is already Cloud? No thanks.
  4. Evidently, bud 8)

    I would say a while. Long one ;DDD Have played the XIII?
  5. That's better :')

    Um, not too long I don't think, 4ish years? Not a MAJOR fan though..FFVII is mainly it haha. Getting in to others ^_^ Yourself?
  6., srry bud?

    I meant "How long have you been into the series"? ;P
  7. english please?
  8. Cause she can 8/

    And yes, fine, too. Long since beign on FF?
  9. Haha sorry, was just a bit like, howcomes freya (I think..) said welcome "again"

    presumably they'd already said welcome in your thread :'D anyway, heyyyyy! I'm goodums, you?
  10. Hello bud,

    Thanks for the welcome? xD How're you doing?
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