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  1. Thanks
  2. Thanks,

    I am not that good of a helper, but if you also need to talk bout something, feel free to!
  3. That's what depression is basically. It takes negatives and makes them worse and it takes positives and makes them poo. I'm sorry you're going through it, but as someone who also suffers from it, I'm always here if you need to vent!

    I hope you feel better soon. I hope school goes well!
  4. Yeah it's just... I really feel stupid for making everything harder and worse for myself than it is. I considered going to some pro psy/psychologist/psychiatrist but I don't really think that would help me.

    'Cause I KNOW 95% of my problems are ridiculous and aren't simply true, I know I'm not really that ugly/human failure etc. It's just like my brain refuses to accept these truths and I don't think even pros could help me with that since I would simply just feel like sure, you're saying it cause you're paid for it or something.

    Well, in a month I start college for second time so I really hope that the pills kind of help me stabilize before then and with new people around me and a lot of stuff to focus on I will get better. I surely hope so.
  5. I obviously can't know exactly how you feel, but I am going through something similar. I have so much self hatred that it makes things much worse than they are, which in reality, is not that bad. I wish I could find a solution and I could share it with you but I don't know it just is what it is. I try to deal the best I can.

    It hasn't been long on the antidepressants so it could be they haven't taken effect. But with that said I would keep in touch with your doctor because antidepressants are fickle and until you find the right one for you, it can sometimes make things worse. So just make sure you keep in contact with him about what's going on. Or her

  6. Oh man...

    Even when I am on the pills I feel horrible I just don't know what the smurf is wrong with me!! I mean sure, I didn't have the best childhood thanks to bullies, I was pretty fat as a kid and I still ain't on normal weight but other than that I really didn't have anything wrong go with my life. I have great parents, we have enough money, I had great friends (had because I was too stupid to drive them off and let them go)...

    I feel like I never really have a problem with anything in life except for myself. I am my biggest enemy and the evil side is winning most of the time. When I tell myself "omg, it's not so bad, smurfing man up and change what you don't like", I just get more depressed about being such a failure. It's deadly spiral.

    Sorry for the rant, you earlier offered for talk and I kind of needed to tell this to someone other then close friend who heard the story thousands of time...
  7. Best of luck for it to go away ASAP
  8. Ah well, I might just have to wait it out then!
  9. Oh that sucks, I actually had something like that for two months or so this year and it was pretty awful, zero energy to do anything, when something started to hurt I was worried it's more serious than it is etc...

    Though it somehow solved itself, so I dunno what is the cause.
  10. Oh I see. That's rough. I hope you start feeling better.

    I'm starting to wonder about myself because for the past few weeks I have had zero energy and i'm always tired and my head and eyes hurt and I feel pretty weak. its starting to bug me. I figured I might just be a bit off but its been going on for a while now so I'm not sure
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