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  1. Just don't like messing with it. Infolinks provided some other alternatives for payments so I'll check them out. Said they'd get back to me with approval in 48 hours.
  2. What's bad about PayPal account? I use mine quite frequently. And yeah I can totally see the underlining as annoying but it isn't make or break the deal for me. If I was reading your blog actively, it wouldn't make me quit doing so, so if can't deal up with PayPal, then just go for this I say.
  3. Some alternatives, but they either underline certain phrases on my blog posts that some readers may find annoying, require a PayPall account, or I don't get enough hits per month to qualify. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. Part of the reason I was trying to make money off the blog was because I couldn't find any work. I don't want to do anything besides write video game reviews anyway.
  4. Nah to long, gonna call you J! jk, or am I?

    So anyway I read like a week back or so that Google smurfed up your money from blog, did you find any solution yet?
  5. Ergro it is. You can call me thesuperspecialawesomereviewergamerguy.

    Tori for short.
  6. Call me Ergro or if that's still too much then Ergo plx :]
  7. Your name has lots of letters. I shall call you Erg.
  8. No VMs since 2010?

    We'll fix that.
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