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  1. I remember putting up with motion sickness for BioShock because I love that game! Maybe I'll try Titanfall, I have avoided it because I usually get sick.
  2. Me too!! Me too!!!

    But have you tried "TitanFall". I played it and I am completely fine for some reason!
  3. Everything! Except I get motion sickness on FPS games.
  4. I like RPG and strategy games! You?
  5. Oh no, it's a point and click adventure game. What genre do you like the most?
  6. Is it a RPG? ?
  7. Yay! 8) You are awesome.

    P.S. It's from a game called Riven, you can get it from Steam rather cheap and I highly recommend it!
  8. This is a joyous day!!!! We should celebrate with lots of food and wine!

    PS: I like the ball in your avatar.
  9. I think it is!
  10. I am not Spanish too. Is that a sign that we should be friends?
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