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  1. I no wanna!

    -is shot full of arrows-
  2. ill accept if you change that link/zelda logo into the Mormont sigil!
  3. She totes a bear:

  4. Zelda isnt a Bear
  5. -gasp-

    Princess Zelda's not good enough for you?
  6. Ofc you can, if you can find a GoT set for it xD show me your fealthy to the great house of Mormont! xD
  7. Can I be the guy in your 62 men who laughs at all your jokes?
  8. thats right.. me and my 62 men are going to take over the 7 kingdoms!
  9. Lady Mormont looks ready to bash some bastards.
  10. They should've bought plot armor.
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