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  1. Nope just whatever you'd like to write about that is video game related!
  2. Sure. Any particular topic/focus in mind?
  3. I am make a video game blog site thing and want to do guest features. Would you like to write a thing? No rush but just somewhere down the line
  4. Yes, thanks for the response!
  5. Sorry. That was longer than I thought. I hope the tone came out okay.
  6. Well, the large part is that, again, very public portrayal of Trump supporters has been as members of this group. Not-college-educated white men, overtly religious, bigoted, and violent. None of the other groups used as enemies have had this single viewpoint portrayal, aside from drug cartel members (which I don't think is that inaccurate) and Nazis (again, not inaccurate). If the group was just religious nut jobs, I wouldn't be as upset. But in today's parlance, religious nut job is too often used as shorthand speak for Trump supporter. If the media says "drug cartel member", I know they're talking about someone related to the illegal drug trade. If they say "white religious xenophobe", I know they're talking about a Trump supporter, regardless of how that Trump supporter actually feels or acts. I don't mind the stereotype, I am miffed that it is literally the only version of the Trump supporter which is allowed to exist in public media. I fully understand that there are such groups and individuals among the Trump supporters. But at least the media could acknowledge that I have a college degree, and that there are plenty of people of color and women among his supporters as well.

    However, keep in mind that I never said that those offended by the other games don't have legitimate reasons to be upset, or that their complaints are invalid. I use the snowflake moniker for those who believe they have the right to not be offended. Who use violence and threats to trout down discussion, or try to get the game canceled. You say that there has been a controversy around this game. Where? I've seen several news articles that say there's a controversy, but the only source is a link to a petition to have the game cancelled that is so obviously written as a satire that even the articles don't take seriously. I went out looking for the controversy, and couldn't find it.

    We didn't start a thread calling this game a horrible affront. It was expressed that being offended was unreasonable, and we expressed our opinions. And we're then told we were wrong for being upset because other people weren't (which is what particularly riled me up about the topic). We fully acknowledge their right to make the game, and just say that we don't like this aspect and aren't going to purchase it because of that (or in my case, because of that and several other things).

    There is nothing wrong with being offended. There is something wrong with silencing or denying others rights, freedoms, and actions because of that offense. I'm offended by it, and that's on me to deal with, not the company, and not the forum. But I am allowed to feel offended, and express that feeling, especially when it's asked for. And if my way of dealing with it is to not buy the game, that is my right as well, and a perfectly reasonable one. If the company doesn't like that, they should make a game that appeals to me.

    Finally, you'll note that I said the only game in the series I played was Blood Dragon. The game in which you're fighting a Bond villain who uses laser sharks. Because that's awesome. I don't typically like the more ultra realistic kill simulator games like the main series.
  7. I didn't post anything angry, it was more curiosity as to your thoughts on what makes Far Cry 5 offensive when it's centered around religious zealots and not average American Christian Joe, but a game like Outlast 2, set in Arizona around religious zealots is not as offensive.

    Also the tendency to have these games be about bad guys in South America and Africa and have them stereotyped and portrayed as savages, or when blacks and Hispanics are portrayed as gang members and criminals, when some people complain they're told their being SJW snowflakes who get too easily offended because it's a video game and not trying to be racist, but then when it's flipped it causes an uproar.

    It's hard to gauge tone on the e-nets so I want to assure you I'm not upset, not am I trying to be accusatory or attack you or tell you you're wrong for being offended. I get upset when people of faith (who are not zealot/cult level) are portrayed as stupid and ignorant in media, so I know that everyone has their lines. I'm just wondering what makes this game different for you to the other examples I listed
  8. Its Haru! The beauty thief
  9. The style looks similar to Persona 5, but I don't recognize the character at all.
  10. Some weird Jungian game
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