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  1. Hmmm... I could really suck at this but... count me in!
  2. It won't start until after Easter though, don't worry!
  3. I dunno, man. I've never played before and do want to do one eventually. I won't be around much this Easter weekend though.
  4. Woild you like to join my mafia game, Bubba?
  5. Yes man, sorry! Updated the thread.
  6. Did you get my Best Vet speech?
  7. Have you noticed what game I'm on in my marathon?
  8. I'll give them a whirl tonight
  9. Btw, not sure if you ended up submitting anything for the contest, but the stories are up for voting now, so go on and vote for one of them, you nerd!
  10. Awesome!
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