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  1. Thanks. Yeah, he's okay enough to talk and stuff, but he lives in MO and I live in NY. So it's very unlikely I'll be seeing him again.
  2. Nah.
  3. Do you want advice/feedback on the match?
  4. Already on it.

    When it asks you to choose who to send in, you have to choose them all. The first one you pick goes first. Then you pick the second, third, etcetera. But, you can always choose who to send in after the battle starts, so only the first one really matters, as long as you choose everyone.
  5. Uh, hey! So it's telling me I only have one Pokemon in my party! So let's end this battle and start again?
  6. Yep, you can totally play KotOR as a female character.

    And, yes, you should play it to immerse yourself in the world. Because the combat system is atrocious (in my opinion).
  7. I don't care, honestly. I was just giving you a hard time.
  8. Not in cheerleading! Still, I don't see why you care what I call it!
  9. According to both my dictionary and every Moogle I can remember who discusses the topic in the series, Pom Pom is the singular, and Pom Poms is the plural.
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