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  1. That lady in your profile pic, is she NAKED??
  2. It's ok. I had laid some eggs in your butt. Soon there will be tons of me swarming out from your butt!!
  3. I didn't. I wish you had told me so we could've hung out.
  4. I bet you didn't realize that I lived in your butt last winter.
  5. I didn't realize you had more than one.
  6. I bet you miss all my butt worms.
  7. I'm a bit offended that your butt. :triplecolbert:
  8. I'm a bit offended that I still haven't much comprehend your new name.
  9. I'm a bit offended that I haven't received a Christmas VM.
  10. I read Proto's post in the "compliment a member" thread and I am here to leave you a compliment!

    I think you are a very funny and friendly person which brightens up the day of the people around you! Keep up the good work Boobie Pies!
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