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  1. Thanks
  2. it's nice to see you back
  3. So, sometime in 2017
  4. Yeah, it feels more fitting! For now at least, Stella will come back if FFXV ever actually gets released.
  5. The quantum entanglement is back! yay!
  6. actually i'd get a 15 set but all the girls are taken
  7. your tangled set was better!
  8. also urgh i smurfing did it again, i post my replies to my own visitor messages and then wonder why i don't get any answers
    i must be retarded or something because i think i do this like every other message i write
  9. Yeah, Lion King is hard to top. I really liked Tangled too but I'm not exactly sure where to place it if I had to make a top ten or something. There are many movies that I would have to watch again before deciding on a ranking. Not that I think rankings are terribly useful anyway. What i feel about certain movies often varies with my state of mind.

    Does beauty and the beast count as a princess movie? I mean Belle technically isn't a princess.
  10. 2nd. Sometimes it is my favourite, but then really when I think about it - The Lion King is utterly majestic and Tangled doesn't really stand up to it. I'd say it's my favourite "Disney Princess" film, but Lion King is by far my favourite Disney film overall.
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