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  1. I saw your avatar and for a flicker of a moment I was tempted to put a mylittlemermaid avatar back on, but avatar changes are for limited edition special events. Like gender swaps!
  2. lol. Yeah... I noticed that.
  3. Are you and Miss Mist taking turns on who's active on the forums?
    When one of you comes back around the other leaves.
  4. When you're a clown, nobody takes ya seriously!
  5. A clown is named better for the translation error
  6. Ultros is the ultimate evil of FFVI. Kefka is just a red herring and a translation error.
  7. I suppose I should have expected that. The many faced god and the many armed god have often been enemies.
  8. If you truly are Ultros I'm afraid I have to put you down.
  9. What are you evolving into, though?
    As it turns out, I evolved into Ultros. I'm almost confident this isn't a good thing.
  10. Hi.

    Are you the hero we need, or the hero we deserve?
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