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  1. I love it, too. I'm having so much fun!
  2. I love how you've started posting interesting questions everywhere =P
  3. Thank you.

    Life has had its up and downs. I got a skin infection back in April that put me on an unplanned hiatus through the month of May and now I'm waiting for all the hospital bills to come in. I'm in the process of editing my comeback video and a channel trailer. Despite not uploading anything except an outtake video I managed to get ten subscribers in the past month and my RPG Maker video views and likes continue to grow. I also found a YouTube partnership that allowed me to monetize my videos at long last. They also have tips for growing your channel too I still need to look more into. I'll probably have to email them again since epoxy doesn't seem to want to send me a confirmation email and it's not in my spam folder.
  4. Good to have you back.

    I read through the Danganronpa games fairly recently, those were pretty fun and I definitely recommend checking them out. Right now I'm reading Kanon, an old classic, and I'm eagerly awaiting the official releases/localizations of quite a few big names, like Zero Time Dilemma and Umineko ().

    How's it going on your end? Life been treating you alright?
  5. Long time no type.
    What's up in VN land?
  6. Yeah. I usually know what all I'm playing/watching before the month even starts. I just don't reveal them anymore in case something falls through at the last second and I don't have to go, "I know I said I was going to review this, but..." and that way there's some suspense to what I'm looking at next.
  7. Ah alright. Do you have a schedule of what games you play when or something along those lines?
  8. Road Rash 3D and Auto Destruct were all right. Back when EA knew how to make games. Also got finished with a play session of Broken Helix. A rather obscure PSX game that went under a lot of people's radars. Has Bruce Campbell as the lead VA. Not sure how I feel about it yet.
  9. Hiya. I've mostly spent my gaming time rereading CLANNAD (which is pretty amazing though) and playing some Warcraft III maps with friends. Have you played Warcraft III? Or any other standout games recently yourself?
  10. Hey, Kari. Played any good games lately?
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