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  1. Reji's are fun too since you would be surprised how many demons are impressed by silly card tricks.
  2. Yeah, alot of the time I just converse with the demons with different combos of characters for the hell of it - Nate's speeches in particular and the reactions to those cracked me up.

    And oh my God, Fool Cards. I know right? Ain't nobody got time for that.
  3. I will agree that trying to get mutations is a bitch since it is so random, especially since you only have a 1/3 chance of getting the mutation you want, but I really enjoy demon conversation systems, hell I feel the Persona series handled it better than the mainline SMT entries cause they gave it some serious personality. Though I'll always condemn trying to get Fool cards, smurf that trout, it was a terrible idea to implement it like that.
  4. Yeah, honestly IS/P2 do quite a few things pretty well, such as the constant battles (i.e. where you don't have to punch in commands every turn if you don't want to change them) and the combo magic system like you described. It's the grindy parts that get me, such as contacting demons for cards and rumours, and persona rankings/mutations.
  5. I don't know, after finishing up IS recently, I feel the gameplay holds up but then again I tend to be more forgiving towards old school design and coming off the first game... yeah felt like the best game ever. I feel P2 has some good gameplay but I'll admit its not the best ever but I enjoy how it took CT/Suikoden's combo magic system and put it on its head. It's definitely an ideal game for min/max players.
  6. Acceptance is one thing but torture is another.

    Okay, it wasn't THAT bad but I've replaying Persona 2: EP lately and have been finding even that severely lacking in gameplay..

    I actually tried both the PSP version and the original. Oh well. I guess I'll watch a LP sometime
  7. Its a required taste but I don't mind the gameplay too much, once you accept it for what it is. Hell I own both the butchered American version and the PSP remake, to be honest the PSP version makes it much easier to get through it than the original.
  8. congrats to you, I never got that far - only lasted about 7 hours before the slow, grindy battles and the status stacking got to me ;(
  9. Yes, though I've only finished the SEBEC Quest, I have a file for the Snow Queen Quest but by then I was a bit burnt out.
  10. yeah, deffo. I love the connection between the two games. I like Tatsuya too, but I just found it really refreshing to be playing as mostly twenty-somethings rather than high school children as is the Persona norm.

    Have you played Persona 1?
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