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  1. Haha, we're like pen-pals! ;p

    Yeah I guess you're right. Sorry about your partner, but maybe they're experiencing the same circumstances as myself ;<
  2. Haha don't mind the late reply, it's fine. Actually chatting with you like this kinda feels like old days when people used letters Few days between replies :x

    Doesn't really matter that the pairs changed does it? The whole point of the thread is pretty much to find someone to talk to occasionally imo. Not to mention my new partner doesn't respon at all / (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻

  3. Sorry sorry sorry I really should have replied earlier The pairs have changed, now, I suppose, but I should still reply!

    Indeed, money is pretty important so working is a necessary evil in that regard D: Every so often I dream about starting my own business and sitting back to watch the money roll in, but in this economic climate I really doubt that's gonna happen anytime soon!

    Haha, agreed. There are a lot of touristy things around my old University campus, so naturally there was a lot of being asked for directions and stuff which got annoying after a while ;p

    It's fair enough. Programming definitely isn't for everyone, and honestly, even I have been wondering about doing it as a career as it's something you really have to be engaged with, and these days I barely write code in my spare time. Will see how the coming job goes I guess.

    Yeah, it's probably nice to have parents to help out if things get hard. I never really had that during my studies as neither of my parents is doing anything remotely CS-ey ;<
  4. While London sure is one of the more expensive cities, I personally didn't find anything outrageously expensive so no complaining here.

    Yeah I am totally not looking to working full time when I graduate but oh well muniez.

    That is really the bigger part of why I don't enjoy Prague as much. Sure it's very pretty and historic city but the sheer amount of tourists and shops etc. that are there for tourism annoy me.

    Yeah I mean I still really like techonologies, I love reading about them and getting to understand them but I found out that I seriously don't want to be programmer or something so I decided to quit that. I don't really have much personal experience with economics so I will have to study extra hard my first year but I do have my parents to help me out if I need to so I should be fine.

    Not really a business of their own, but they are on the highest places of the firm they are working in. There is just the owner above my father.
  5. Yeah, of all the cities I've lived in (and I've lived in quite a few) London is definitely my favourite. So much to see and do. Sure, people complain about prices alot but here in Denmark food and travel are MUCH more expensive than London - honestly the only thing really costly is the rent. But you get what you pay for IMO: The London experience ;p

    Thanks! I'm not sure I feel about starting full-time work, probably for the rest of my life, but such is the way of the least I get to work in technology. which is what I've always wanted.

    Hmm...yeah, honestly, tourists in London annoy me sometimes so I can see Prague wouldn't appeal to you as much. ;<

    Oh, I can relate to that kind of thing actually! I studied Chemical Engineering in my first year of University (same thing as college in thiscase, I think) but transferred to another course after I realised I hated what I was studying. So if it makes you feel any better, I think you made the right move. ;D

    Cool, so following in your parent's footsteps huh? Do they have a business or anything? ;p
  6. Ohh, I love London! I've been there just once so far but I definitely want to visit it again.

    I see congrats on gratuating!

    Yeah Prague is nice for tourists but I myself don't really like it that much. Not that I live there but been there plenty of times.

    Well I've actually been in college last year but I dropped out since I didn't enjoy the IT. I actually went to IT high school but when it came to college level it somehow lost appeal to me. So I will be studying Economics and Management, which makes sense anyway since my mother is economist and my father is manager
  7. Hi, Sorry I have really awful at internet right now

    Where I'm from is a tough question to answer, but I guess it'd be enough to say that I've been based in the UK for the past 8 years and currently live in London..when I'm not in Denmark, anyway. ;p

    I'm here just for this month before I start full time work in September (recently graduated with a degree in Computer Science) because my dad works here and I have nowhere else to go right now.

    Ooph, Czech Republic. Can't speak about the whole place but Prague was really cool when I visited a couple years ago! Cool Gothic architecture and everything.

    Ooh, college eh. It'll be really fun so do try to make the most of it! What will you be studying?
  8. Hey no prob.

    Where are you from? Where are you abroad and why? School? Work? Holidays?

    I see. I am kind of the same as you. I loved FFs ever since I can remember but IRL I don't know anyone who really enjoys FFs. So online community it is! It actually seems that I am the only Czech Republic resident on this forums too ._.

    I'm good! I am on holiday now but in a month and half I am starting college and I am looking forward to meet new people :x
  9. Hey wassup?

    Sorry I really wish I were able to reply earlier but I'm abroad right now and don't get as much of a chance to go on the internet as I usually do ;_;

    I am good thank you! Bit of a rough patch right now but a lot to look forward to after a couple weeks...

    Nah, I've known about FF for pretty much as long as I can remember, and was just curious about other FF fans because I never knew many IRL. So here I am!

    How about yourself?
  10. Yo!

    Seems like we're partners for the next "Better Know an EoFFer".

    So how are you? I see that you joined really recently. Did you discover Final fantasies late or just found this forum now?
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