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  1. Hey skyblade do you wanna try a sun n moon tournament like next year sometime. Gottagive time to people and I know you havent beat the game yet so yeah. I just wondering in advance if you doing one. If it matters im doing the battle thingy for bp and stuff for evo items later. But yah.
  2. Alright. Its ok. If it is too much trouble. You dont have to do it. I can maybe learn to breed. Idk.
    but yeah. Whatever is good for you.
  3. Sorry. They pushed me to night shifts a week early, so my schedule has been absolutely wrecked trying to adjust to it.

    I might have to just start breeding things more randomly. I don't think I will have time for my usual quality control of good abilities, egg moves, and things like that.
  4. i have internet so im good whenever your ready for a while.

    I not meaning to rush btw. Just telling you so that you know im ready for whenever. A good few months for sure. Probably longer. Even though I doubt itll take that long. And if it does I dont mind.
    Um... yeah. Sorry if I am sounding rushy. I seriously not meaning too.
  5. Dinny worry about. Honestly. I am seriously not bothered at all. Dont stress about it please
  6. Sorry. I've just got a lot on my plate.
  7. Ok. I have intermet smurf ups the now but I think im getting it back on the weekemd. Lol to think this tournament was planned for 2-3 months ago
  8. Yeah. As I said, I don't think I'll actually be taking part. I'll find some way to breed the eggs in time. Short work week this week, at least (after three long ones). Should be done Friday or Saturday.
  9. Uhhh. Is ultima shadow allowed in the tournament? I know you had some ttouble last time idk if you sorted it oot or not. And also idk if you have egg time. So I ask
  10. Thats cool.

    Your doing a good job so I not worrying. Thanks for letting me know
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