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  1. It is temporary, but who knows, sometimes temporary forums stick around for a long time....... or forever..........
  2. Hi. Can i adk. Is the pokrmon forum temporary? It probably is but i ask the pokest oft the staff lol
  3. ahhhh that explains why i couldnt find it. ok thank you
  4. It's not an official EoFF smiley so you have to find it on another site and upload it
  5. uh may i ask, and you may not remember but.. how do you get that frog that says get out into your posts? i seen it when on your AC2 LP a guy said "its a me mario" then you put in the frog
  6. ah ok. i havent played undertale. it sounds cool
  7. It's Mettaton from Undertale.
  8. yay! Btw who is that you got rn?
  9. I will be. Again. Soon!
  10. oh no.... who will be our charmander now?
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