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  1. do you have a spare larvesta? if you do i can use it to breed a shiny one
  2. um.... ok... uh... ill ask first

    edi: nvm ill just try
  3. Nah, I think you can still do it
  4. i wish i could but it takes a while so by the time i wrote them itd be extra too late.

    i hope its not a big probldm.
  5. I dont have a larvesta out of pokemon bank. But ill masuda breed a couple of shiny
  6. Oh you're breeding something? if you don't want Eevee, I'm also a huge fan of Volcarona! It's actually a tie between it and Sylveon
  7. now i gotta get 2 shiny eevee xD

    mines Cyndaquil. swablu a close 2nd and Palkia my fav legendary
  8. Sylveon! Yours?
  9. fynn, whats your fav pokemon?
  10. I might have some time over the weekend!
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