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  1. Aren't you using your own 3DS to play Pokemon?
  2. Well uh I use my neices ds but idk how to get tff cc or BD back on it
  3. That reminds me - do you have your 3DS back yet? I'll happily duel you again if you ever have the time!
  4. Sorry. I just excited to play again lol. And this time we are on the same team so I cant lose ( though you gave me fun tff cc matches and helped me better at the game lol)
  5. Ok thats cool. I just type anyway. If it was voice id practically never speak lol
  6. Nah, just me this time. She's too busy right now and overall she didn't like the game too much. She might come round to get back into it someday, but today is not the day.
  7. Oh um can I also ask just randomly is it you playing and your wife or just you. I just wondering dw I dont hate you.
  8. OK. Just as a heads-up, though - no team-speak for me. Wife is super busy next to me, and we only have one room, so I can't really be talking.
  9. I amaze myself how many times I dont realize I have.

    also in ffxiv idk why I have habit of using scottish way of speaking and it starts confusing the randoms but I dont even realize I do it lol
  10. You always amaze me with how many times you can slip "sorry" into a conversation
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