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  1. Hey, who is on that new avatar?
  2. Pretty tired, but managing somehow. Beat FFVI yesterday. In general, had a pretty okay weekend.
  3. Ah ok. Its a good game so if you ever get time n money its worth it. But now ffxv comes out in 10 days and pokemon in 4. Theee will be much less time lol. Uh yeah. Um how have you been
  4. We played for the first 30 days, but then we stopped because we don't really have the time and money for now. Might get back someday.
  5. Sorry I not been around sir fulynn. Um do you play ffxiv?
  6. Yes. They're the best, they're so chill! When I watch them I feel like I'm just hanging out with friends or something!
  7. Oh aye them they are pretty funny. Ive found a few channels about ghostly and creepy stuff. But they are like the only one who dont take it seriously lol. And that guy who is a monkey or something lol
  8. So!

    I totally lurked and saw you and Bubba (vaguely) talk about ghost videos so I figured I'd share one of my favorite youtube channels with you!

    Here you go! Have fun!
  9. btw i still have your Ametaresu. lol
  10. ooft. i remember now.

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