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  1. Don't apologize!

    Ohana means family. It means no one gets left behind!

    ... That's from Lilo and Stitch, by the way
  2. Im sorry
  3. I dunno what that means. But hi.

    Your funny
  4. Ohana
  5. Friend
  6. Ok.. thank you.. I only repying slow because im at college. Thank you though.
  7. If there is anyone that has never said or done anything offensive to me in my entire life, it's you

    Chin up! There's really no need to apologize.
  8. Ok.. thank you. And um. Sorry.
  9. Listen, friendo, anytime I made a poke in that vein, it really was just a joke

    Games are fun, and gaming marathons are fun - enjoy the games at your own pace! Really, I have zero problems with any of this, trust me
  10. ok. umm i hope you not feel bad at my pace or think im trying to out do you...
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