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  1. Come in chat if you want. Could be easier to speak.
  2. Oh. And what difficulty and whos searching and whos recruiting?
  3. Cool btw be warned im using mobile dat atm so might not work well.
  4. Alright! Let's do it
  5. Hey are you busy if not want to ply tff curtain call?
  6. GG, Grunt. GG.
  7. Nice, yeah i have to use my phone because my laptop broke lastnight
  8. Your avatar and sig are waiting for you in the concept art thread!
  9. Random visitor message: You are also one of the GF's in my FF8 run, you are Cerberus ok? I just let people know when i name them, sorry for filling your visitor messege box.
  10. I will, I just didn't have the time to sit down to my computer lately
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