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  1. Don't waste Larvesta for this! It's an awesome Pokemon Catch some Fletchling or something on route 2 or 3, you have a 100% catch-rate there
  2. 1: i dont think it says the specific time. so i say Around 2:00 afternoon ( probably 3:00 for you) or anytime when im one if thats ok.
    also i forgot to tell you my name. its... GirlGuy. never had i thought this save was gonna be used for all these stuff.
  3. i have alot of Larvesta in my pokemon bank lol
    and tommorow. that should be ok. ill look for the time the now.
  4. You'll get random eggs from me. You just need to provide me with some junk Pokemon to trade them for The trade starts tomorrow. I'm in Poland, so we have similar timezones
  5. ithink itd be easier to say it here actually: yes i prefer the pokemon date being further away. also i can get the eggs now if you want? ( im not sure if i just get eggs or trade completely random eggs to you guys )
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