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  1. Not sure yet! Had a real craving for Icewind Dale II, so I started that, and hopefully I'll be playing DQVII soon. Will probably get to V after that
  2. so um... when you starting FFV?
  3. Naw. I still havent found a way to play viii yet so... and I might get stuck on neo exdeath or something. Im trying to do the superbosses if I can
  4. Welp, I've lost the race then, haha

    But I'll still resume the marathon eventually! Probably soon!
  5. Ill be starting v tonight unless I die too much on Zeromus. Lol
  6. Well, since I'm near the end of Baldur's Gate and want to save money for Dragon Quest VII, I won't be buying the expansion or sequel yet. That means I'll probably roll back into my own marathon and play FFV!
  7. lol. ok. thank you.
  8. I have not, but Wolf Kanno told me all about it - you should ask him!
  9. can i ask. have you played FF3 nes before?

    im just wondering if theres any major differences. well... im not far im only in goldor mansion
  10. Oh wow. Ooops lol.

    yeah I just had to be cheap. Doesnt matter really cos the blood swprd tactic is cheap aswell and everybody does that too
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