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  1. Sorry, didn't notice your VMs because you posted them to your profile, hehe XD

    But still, you handled it without my help! Woo!
  2. Did you get the blood sword?
  3. Fynn. Um...... how did you beat the emperor lol. Also I cant get weapons above lvl 11 cos evertly enemy is rank 6 or 7... so yeah please help.
  4. It will continue. I just need to get in the zone. Wouldn't want to half-ass it, risking it becoming less entertaining (assuming it was entertaining to begin with, lol). I'll probably get into it once I beat Dragon Quest VII after it comes out on the 16th.
  5. i warn you, the quality will drop from 7 onwards.

    btw wat happened to yours?
  6. I was joking, man I think it's awesome you're doing this!
  7. i hope you not annoyed i stole your idea.

    if you are i can kill the thread
  8. Indeed!
  9. oh ok. thank you. i assume the tags are [img][/img]?
  10. I never use the "upload image" icon above the text box. I just manually type in the img tags with the online address of the photo. If you want to upload our own photos instead of using images found on google, I recommend photobucket for image hosting, they give you handy links for the tags, so you can show your photos!
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