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  1. She's a composer who did the music for several anime's I love. She's my favorite composer. Here's an example of her work.
  2. hi. random question but whats a Kanno
  3. It's best to give the Fat Chcobo high level rare items (like Phoenix Downs) and gear for classes you don't intend to use. I rarely used ranger so I dropped their bows in there all the time. Also, Monks work like they do in FFI for the original, so it's safe to drop their weapons or sell them. The real pain is magic, but I kind of learned it's best to fill out everyone's magic slots regardless if you are planning on using them as a mage or a class with magic. Just makes logistic easier and that removes a huge issue with inventory problems.
  4. I do enjoy this game. I like its challenge and job system. Its no ffv but it is good for its time. It has more music than the others but overall id say ff2 has the better music. I do like this ost so far though.

    and ofcourse. After I have beat garuda I am faced with a worse challenge. A dreaded midget dungeon. I hate these places so much. They are cool but I hate how restricted I am in them. Forced to use mages even though I like a more balanced party. The small inventory size does not help me either. So it isnt just a simple "oh I should chsnge to a mage" when I have to have inventory space. I could use the fat chocobo but im not really sure what items I need for the next dungeons so I be safe and keep everything. So yeah thats annoying.
  5. It's my favorite of the NES entries actually. The Job Class system is more fun and I found the various scenarios more memorable than the stuff from the earlier games. It lacks a character driven narrative, but I've learned I don't really need that to enjoy a game.
  6. So what do you think of 3 compared to 1 and 2?
  7. Well. Yeah its tough. I think its better than 1 but worse than 2. So.... id say its worse than 8 and better than 13 aswell. I musnt be far as im only lvl 24
  8. Believe me, this game caused me to take breaks from it and the FF Wiki quickly became my friend.
  9. Alright. Thank you. I havent been stuck in a game for years.
  10. Yes they are, they do double damage, so does the Dragoon Jump command.
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