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  1. xD ok lol.
  2. Nov 29th is the date one of my favorite fictional character's life got completely ruined
  3. DW lol. i just joking. wats wrong with nov 29th though?
  4. Your birthday is November 29th, I gather? Sorry about that ^^
  5. well... um.. i did guess the first part bu thats thanks to you.
  6. It's just that I think you're taking it too hard on yourself even though you're actively helping. Just throwing out random ideas is plenty helpful too, anyways. Given how I'm totally drawing a blank right now it could spark new lines of thought.
  7. oh... sorry, thats um just me, sorry if im being too negative on the team.
    honestly im just throwing up ideas. but i not good at riddles...
  8. Oh geez no that's not what I meant! I just wrote the post in that tone because there hadn't been any more activity in a long time and I'd spent the last hour or so thinking about it and coming up with absolutely nothing. While I don't think Tonberry fits I'm glad you're actively participating in trying to solve the riddle
  9. Sir karifean. may you please copy Freyas message on my VM and put it in the thread, i think this was a 2 part riddle!! i cant do it on xbox
  10. oops, sorry for taking awhile
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