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  1. Nah, just hanging out with people will be super cool!
  2. No. The card isnt weird lol. The not getting pissed off if i dont get a present is. Well weird to me cos everybody gets pissed off if i dont get a present.
  3. How is a birthday card weird!
  4. Um. Ok. Thats weird. Lol. But ok.
  5. Ahahaha, I was just being a jerk! It was a joke! If you really want to get me something, I'd treasure a card.
  6. Im not sure if i should ask this. But i dont kniw you as much as other people do. And um... Uh. What stuff do you likr. Because itd be cruel to meet you on your bday and not have something. But i dont want to insult you or look cheap....
  7. thats cool. gotta be truly ready for those villains
  8. I saw! I just have some questions for Pheesh and NF first.
  9. i put a battle up now
  10. i will kick your scottish ass bruh
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