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  1. New review thread is up if you want to check it out.
  2. Because Super Metroid is awesome.

    RPG Maker is a break out star at this point. Currently at 17 likes going on 800 views altogether. Nothing has been able to unseat it yet.
  3. i still like the super metroid and RPG maker ones idk why
  4. Thanks for the support <3

    Do you have any favorites?
  5. thats a good idea, i did watch most of them on youtube
  6. I'll probably comply a new Review thread in the Lounge tomorrow since the old one is over three months old now. That way all of my videos will be in one post. Anyone who hasn't yet can play catch up.
  7. yay thats good!
  8. Yeah, I'm back.
  9. Aye ive been alright mostly yes. thank you
  10. Undecided.

    I've been well. How about yourself?
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