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  1. Lol im a bad drinker probably wouldnt like 1 sip of it
  2. Glad you're ok! You're probably best staying away from Absinthe anyway, it's literally the spawn of Satan!
  3. Oh hey pudgy bird.... fat moogle. Im alright nothing much. Not tried absinthe yet though lol how are you
  4. Sooo...did you try Absinthe yet? :P

    How have you been?
  5. now you say it. i zoomed in on your avatar and it does look cute lol.
  6. I came across a picture of a pudgy bird (my avatar) and I was like OMFG THAT'S CUTE. I've been using the fat_moogle name for like 10 years (not just on this forum, only been here for just over 2) so I thought it was time for a change. Gonna keep my sig though.
  7. this may be random. but... why did you change from Chubby Moogle to Pudgey Pidgey?
  8. I can't really remember what it tastes like. It was years ago! But I think it may have been like a strong aniseedy like taste.
  9. idk what it is. what does it taste like? (hopefully not vodka)
  10. If you choose to drink absinthe then please don't drink it like lemonade! xD
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