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  1. Oh ok. Glad your happy though.

    so... I see you have played ffxiv you still play it lol
  2. No I never did finish it. Real life strapped me with little time. But life is good. It's sunny and I am working a lot. Life is good.
  3. Hey nuttty. How are yiu? Did yiu ever finish your rpg?
  4. Sounds good. I will blitz my way through FFVI world under your command Ser Gaulf.
  5. awesome. i really like him too.

    i ask because i called him nutty
  6. Ya he is a solid Monk. Bum rush is great and he stays good throughout 90% of the game with his blitzes.
  7. do you like Sabin?
  8. ive no seen you in a while, hoping your doin ok.
  9. Will check it out!
  10. the top few dont but the rest do. i also just finished, but my pics will take a bit to insert
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