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  1. Magilou made Eleanor act like a dove.

    I am so happy xD
  2. So hype for you

    And yeah I should be hosting like late May or early June probably
  3. April 17th - May 2nd! We're going to Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo.

    I am gonna buy so many cute figures!!
  4. When are you going to Japan, that's exciting :o!!!
  5. Good, I was waiting for you to not care!

    Um probably! Unless it starts when I'm in Japan or something
  6. Fine, don't answer me, I don't care, whatever
  7. You gon play my mafia game when its my turn to host? It'll be Tales themed~
  8. Sounds like me
  9. I dreamed that you came with me to visit one of my friends for some reason but as I played Tomb Raider you went into the wardrobe which you converted into a tiny 1940's style detective office where you wrote stories for the entire day

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