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  1. You should come back in chat. Lol its kinda lonely in there some days
  2. Aye so am i. I love ff9. Too bad i dont have a computer... Yeah. Sigh... I dont think ill ever get one back. Damn money...... Oops sorry. I getting a bit into bad mode there. Lol yeah woops
  3. Moogles!! Aw im so glad your back. Yeah. Um well its been a rough year but i think im getting better. How are you doing??
  4. Hey Galuf, sorry I was gone for so long, I've been busy dealing with real life stuff and the like. Anyway, how are you doing?
  5. yo moogles i hope you havent left so soon. but if you do come back then please come into chat lol cya
  6. you moogle guy hope you doing good cos your awesome playing ff 9
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