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  1. yo nutty

    you should play Breath of Fire IV!
  2. No problem. Hope you had fun and will join us in the next game!
  3. Hey Fynn I am all logged out of my Mafia account. Thanks for hosting.
  4. I've been nuts this last few weeks so no worries there. Haven't had a chance to do much.
  5. Hey, Nutty, how've you been? Sorry I haven't sent you any new tracks yet - I've had an incredibly hectic week and couldn't even sit down to composing stuff. But I'll get some more stuff ready soon!
  6. Sounds good, I'll send you what the rough story is as I am still writing it
  7. Well, good news. I found a free piece of notation/midi software. We'll see if I can actually write something presentable.
  8. I was thinking near to distant future. If you ever wish to and have what you need let me know.
  9. Oh damn. I would love to but at the moment I am insanely out of practice, have no music making software and have no idea about sound engineering. I also don't have a piano here, so I can't even just do a composition that someone else could transcribe to midi. So, sadly, I am not capable of helping in that regard at the moment
  10. Fynn would you be up for creating some original music for a JRPG?
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