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  1. I shall, no doubt it'll make for a fascination conversation once I can clearly recall the series. Until then feel free to continue messaging if there is something else you'd like to discuss... I'm a bit at a loss for topics at the moment.
  2. You're welcome I guess^^ When you do go back to it, let me know
  3. *twitches slightly*. . . Why in the nine spiraling hells do I always miss a translation being completed!? GAH! Regardless of how the situation rakes claws across my nerves, thank you very much for informing me of this. *sighs* The Fog of Ages has eaten away most of my theories, so I cannot provide anything resembling an answer to the truth. I shall have to go through Umineko again once I have less on my plate. Between getting my claws on the Digimon World Re:Digitze English patch and Final Fantasy Type-0 arriving today, it will be quite some time before Umineko receives the attention it deserves.
  4. Hmm, so I guess you were reading it back when it first came out? The Witch Hunt finished their translations a long time ago so reading it in English shouldn't be a problem anymore nowadays. Well naturally I can only recommend finishing it if you ever feel like it. I wonder if you figured out 'the truth' just from what you've read.
  5. Thanks for the tip, visitor messages are a new feature to me.

    If memory serves I've read the first four and pieced together about half of episode 5 and some fragments of episode 6 together from varying translations. I can't recall what caught my interest next, but eventually it hit the point where I thought 'maybe if I forget for a few years I can find a more complete English version later'... Hm, perhaps I should look into that again.
  6. Haha, neat. As you may have been able to tell, Umineko is also my favorite, and my obsession hasn't quite passed just yet

    Sadly language issues kept me from the later volumes during my brief Umineko obsession.
    Wait are you saying you never finished it?

    (Btw if you press 'View Conversation' next to a visitor message you can answer directly)
  7. Hmm~? Do you know Umineko?
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