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  1. Well, from a story standpoint it makes sense, but can be frustrating as some are easy to miss.
  2. Actually i don't like that you need to rescue all the dragons to get to him.
  3. Me neither. I got pretty close to the end and faced a giant Gnasty Gnorc, but I never managed to get past it. I have the original trilogy for PlayStation.
  4. About the Spyro Topic. Yes, i have played the first game but i never beat it.
  5. I played the first Kingdom Hearts a long time ago and had a nerdgasm when I heard David Boreanaz's (Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) voice as Squall. Both surprising and kind of appropriate VA choice for him. Disappointed he didn't reprise the role in 2, but he was probably busy.

    Since you like Spyro have you ever played any of the old games he starred in?
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