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  1. Trolls kept coming to it. Some dude named Vsaya.
  2. Ah, well that's too bad. I don't think I'd have had the energy to be an active member there as well but it seemed like a nice community could've been born from there.
  3. The site is being deleted soon.
    This site will be deleted soon
  4. I see. I'll consider it.
  5. Not quite but one member wanted it to be. He's into Anthro. I wanted it to be a JRPG based forum.
  6. Hmm~ it's anthropology-based from what I can tell?
  7. It's my site.
  8. May have asked you this before already.,

    but join?
  9. Sure, you need only sign up when the corresponding thread is up =)
  10. Let me join the next one of your Mafia games. Sounds interesting.
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