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  1. Every time I see your avatar in my friends list it reminds me of high school when my friends and I used to watch that movie all the time.
  2. Yeah, at first. It's what I did at the other meetups until I had been there for a while. Most of the people who go and very talkative until they know everyone better.
  3. Sitting in he shadows and watching everyone from the brim of your sunglasses?
  4. Yeah, but even if it was only a bunch of legacy users I would probably be doing the same thing.
  5. For some reason i get the feeling itll be a bunch of the newbies and us legacy users will just sit in the shaddows drinking and watching everyone from the brim of our
  6. I recently started to look at the place every day again but I don't post very often. I don't really know anybody from here anymore. I want to go to the UK meetup, it's possible. Right now it looks like I will but it's still a year away.
  7. You're still all up in this shizz huh? ARE YOU GOIN TO THE UK MEETUP!?
  8. Sometimes I even but not the whole.
  9. Are you even tho?
  10. Happy Birthday
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