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  1. I love Creid. I just think none of his vocal songs really stand out except for Radical Dreamers.
  2. Celine is absurdly thin. You ever try this album? It might help you appreciate more of his music with lyrics. Maybe not. I think it's rather good.

    Millenial Fair - Xenogears/Creid
  3. That's pretty okay, but I personally prefer one of these.

    Because they're nerdy, and I know how much you love puns.
  4. Pumpkin said you and I need to get matching sweaters to celebrate our nerdiness, so I already went ahead and picked out a design

  5. Okay, I'll try and write something up tomorrow!
  6. Hey, do you think it'd be in-character for Amit to help Nubrik when he gets stuck on the back of a borstortle? Because that's just what happened to him and you can extend a helping hand if you want
  7. Haha thanks
  8. I-is that a good snap or a bad snap?
  9. awwwwwww snap.
  10. Okay, I wrote an entry with a potential encounter with your character beginning, so you can jump into the RP now if you want!
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