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  1. By taking over the world!!! With... bacon! And a death ray!

    I believe the same, so I try to never let experiences get me down too long. That's sweet, thanks! You're pretty awesome too. Hahah I admit that made me laugh too loud.
  2. But Brain, how do you intend to do that?

    Oh yes, I am a firm believer of what you've been through will make or break you. It doesn't particularly matter what the situation was, it's how you dealt with it that makes you who you are. So far you seem pretty awesome so what can I say? You dun gud gurl? haha (oh please note that in my voice, that statement sounds every bit as ridiculous as you would expect)
  3. But that's my plan Pinky, to take over the forum!

    Well that's good ! I have a few myself but I don't hate that I have them. They're part of me so I wouldn't change it you know?
  4. Oh much chaos can be started with innocent topics like that. Just don't ask if soup is a meal or a drink! The whole site could literally go thermo-nuclear.

    Ah I get those kind of long stories, kinda glad I don't have one myself guess that makes me rather lucky.
  5. Too busy dying laughing at that to answer xD

    Eoff is pretty great, everyone is really friendly. And I started chaos with the "what makes a sandwich" thread. Muahahahah

    Oh my parents remarried and blah. Long story really, it was quite a while ago now. I still get heckled for my accent
  6. How have you found EoFF so far?

    I'll come clean, once having spectacularly heckled Russell Howard, he turned on me and said I sound like I "attend the most luxuriously decadent lap dancing clubs in all the land" perhaps there's more to the posh boy talk joke than it seems.

    So you went up north for?
  7. Hahaha! I'm from Cornwall myself, actually from one of the most southern points in England

    I live up in the northern hills now though, I'm still not used to it !
  8. Sounds cool, I too am one born with plums in my mouth and a lip stiffer than an iron bar.

    Well actually, as a Londoner, probably not all true there but, close enough
  9. Haha ! Yeppers, I am also from the land of eng
  10. That's highly possible!

    So you're also British?
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