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  1. I think I remembered him! He was even more unusual than Future Esthar. I was so confused with his theories and I realized that you have been talking to him since 2003? How do you deal with so much mindsmurfs for so many years?

    Hahaha, that is a very interesting outlook but looking at a game too deeply might be bad for mental health.
  2. Laguna avatars usually make me think of Besimudo. He's a guy who used to post here ages ago. He was a lot like Future Esthar - many interesting theories about FFVIII, except his were even more unusual. Like his theory that FFVIII re-tells all the great myths from all of human history, Laguna is actually Loki from Norse mythology, sorceresses are the true heroes of the story, and so on.
  3. Hahaha, do he always come into your mind when you see laguna or someone using laguna's avatar?
  4. I absolutely remember Future Esthar. He made the FFVIII forum interesting and completely confusing for so long.
  5. I am looking for Future Esthar!! Do you remember him? I missed him!
  6. Thank you! Life is indeed pretty good lately. How is it with you?
  7. Congrats on your marriage! Life been all good for you?
  8. Hi there!
  9. Hello!
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