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  1. This is true! It's good to see that you don't let your shyness get in the way of having fun though!
  2. hahah, well.. let's just say there are different ways of being shy
  3. You also show up when your name is mentioned, it's like magic!
  4. :breine:
  5. Strawberry Pancakes; don't make me wait! MMM YUMMMM GIMME YOUR PANCAKES xD
  6. WHAT THE F**K!? xD That song is now gonna be stuck on my head for the rest of the day!

    "Strawberry pancake I'm coming for youuuu"
  7. As you wish. The "end" is quite awesome; that is, the point after he has shot all 420 citizens. But it took me like 5 hours to get there xD
  8. Haha, riding around on a girl's bike shooting people while wanting to have strawberry pancakes? That's very random and sorta creepy, to say the least, and has now gotten me interested in seeing this flash video in question xD
  9. It happened less than an hour ago. You see, I watched this flash video that Sir Rantzien showed me, and the video was not actually repeating, every time it played through a person would die and the population sign would go down one. I watched it from 420 to 0. Anyway the head is the head of the guy who wants strawberry pancakes and rides a girl's bike around town and shoots people.
  10. IT'S A GIRL BIKE! wtf!? xD When did this happen?
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