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  1. Someone else changed it for this month, or something, so it's not here to stay. I only truly return to Lunar on days where I'm too handsome for anybody's good.
  2. Hey, you brought back the Lunar!
  3. If it's worth anything the chick I was travelling with is a total musical freak - we saw Chicago, Shrek and The Lion King. I had to say no to a fourth one, which she then saw herself.

    But hey, come on now! Musicals can be fun
  4. What the, Broadway musi-?!

    You're not going in my will anymore.
  5. Well, for starters I don't know where you live? xD

    ..and secondly, yeah I was pretty busy seeing a lot of sights. Also, Broadway musicals!
  6. How come you never visited me when you were in the states? Because you were seeing interesting sights instead of cornfields (the only sight where I live)? Is it because you barely know me and I probably collect cardboard cutouts of Ryan Seacrest? Both excuses, if you ask me, but to each his own.
  7. ...I like the Irish ROFL smiley better, yes
  8. Also, how boring is the "lol" smiley? Look ----->
  9. :elk:
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