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  1. I don't know about best in the series, but the battle theme is great.
    I liked the music altogether, really.
    Hmmm, listened to the battle theme for the first time in a while...maybe you have a point. That's good stuff.
  2. MQ is alright. It has great design & the battle theme is the best in the series. Quite a few main series games have much worse monster designs.
  3. I actually enjoy MQ more than most people, but no, it's definitely no FFVI.
    She also commonly gets me book two or three in a trilogy, but not one. lol Which is funny, but also way frustrating. Her heart's in the right place, but her gift-giving skills are lacking. She does the same thing to my sister.
  4. I've told everyone I could about Psych.

    That's horrible. MQ isn't a bad game (nor is it good fwiw), but it's definitely no VI. I can't believe she got you the same book THREE times. Twice would be bad enough.
  5. Well, if you were doing your job right, EVERYONE would know how much you love Psych. My mom's really bad about thinking she knows what I like but being totally wrong. I asked for FFVI for Christmas the year it came out. I got FFMQ instead. She also got me the same book three years in a row. So count yourself lucky, Mr. Angus. :P
  6. I was kinda surprised. He usually doesn't remember anything, but I guess he remembered that I liked Psych a lot.
  7. Oh, your dad, eh. He sounds like a swell guy. lol I mean, he'd have to be, to get you Psych DVD's. Smart man.
  8. You are probably the only person to ever refer to my dad as that. (except for maybe my dad)
  9. Whoever got you that is the most wonderful person ever.
  10. I feel the same. Extremely underrated show. Fortunately, I got the entire series set for Xmas (not that I've gotten around to watching yet).
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