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  1. Merry Christmas Croi!
  2. That's right. I get that mixed up because I like to say "Etwas nasing". The only way my parents and I can learn things is if they entertain us.
  3. Its been in German for maybe a year?
    Cool to see you learning!

    'Etwas' means 'something' though, not 'nothing'.
    Incase your wondering what my sig means, this is the best I can translate it:

    Think of something before others, and you will be laughed at for years,
    once they understand it however, it is obvious.

    I know 2 languages but wished I had the patience to learn another, im just lazy that way! Haha.
  4. I didn't notice it before. How long has your sig been in German. I'm just now learning it my parents via Lessons on CD and a very old lesson book.
    I know that "etwas" means nothing. I also know that "die" is "the" and "sie" is "you, she, they, it". Natural to conclude we haven't made a great deal of progress. I know some colors though.
  5. "I have to go pooper."

    Good luck with that.
  6. i have to go pooper
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