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  1. Wow now they aren't even a race to you

  2. Pink isn't a race.
  3. racist >:o
  4. Yea I meant Blue. I always associate pink with healing.
  5. I'm looking forward to Trying the remake when it goes down it price to see how much they've changed
  6. He is a nice dude. Dumb as a brick. Figures I'd finally get a Canadian in a game and he's incredibly dumb xD.
  7. Galdo seems like a good person so far. He's Canadian. And it's funny you should mention her clothes. I found this hat for her and actually thought to myself her only redeeming quality is that hat.
  8. I love her! She is super annoying and bitchy but she gets some good character moments later on. Plus none of them are really good people x)

    Also her booties are super cute
  9. So I gotta seeing as you kept her in your party, how was Tiara in the original? Cause she is the single most annoying person in the remake.
  10. I'm enjoying it so far. Combat is just like Neptunia. And I love Fang. I never played the original.
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