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  1. I think we're still treating it like a family friendly forum despite the fact that like 90% of our member base are adults. I secretly get a kick out of the fights anyway
  2. Ha, thanks!

    I'm glad you enjoy my writing. EoEE is so full of bull$trout and $hit-spewing, barely-educated and thoroughly inexperienced individuals, I barely go on here to debate any more. Add to that the hyper-sensitive modding, and you'll get an infertile ground for any sort of meaningful discussion.

    Why would I be mad? This is just the internet, d00d.
  3. I love reading your posts in EoEO buddy. You are straight forward and tell it as you see it, but you also aren't full of trout. I feel like I can believe what you say because you have either done your research or experienced things first hand.

    And also I have this fear that you would be terrifying if you were mad!
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