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  1. Oh. Well, good to hear if it's mostly worked out for you. As for me, I've been busy with work, studies and hobbies.
  2. It's been a barrell of struggles and madness. But mostly awesome. HOWRE YOUUUU
  3. Long time no see. How's life been?
  5. I've been okay too, thanks for asking. Just been busy with work, choir and university as usual, trying to get my master's degree done on English literature and culture slowly but surely. I'm glad to hear from you; it's been a while since we last talked.

    And yeah, based on your post, I also don't get why Jiro did what he did. But I guess some things can't be helped at times especially if people talk behind others' backs and not acting professionally like they should...
  6. Herroooo~ I'm good how are you??
  7. Heya! How've you been?
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