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  1. Why should we be surprised that these ingrates and lunatics are terrible?
  2. I have never been so ashamed of EoFF:
  3. Nor I, but at least it's something.
  4. Sounds long overdue. Though I don't understand why he gets lawsuits, fines, and potentially jail, whereas homeopathy peddlers and related ilk get off scot free.
  5. Thought you might appreciate this:

    Kevin Trudeau: Jailed for contempt of court.
  6. The Koran-burning thread should be entertaining (which is why I was planning on making it myself), as the sane position will piss everyone off.
  7. He's always been an overly conciliatory apologist for any sort of irrationality (religion, and apparently now any prejudice for something he personally doesn't like). But, to give him some credit, he's not just repeating the same bogus non-argument 20 times.
  8. I think Laddy has topped them all. He's being VERY strange.
  9. Yeah, I'm done for now. I just got another usernote from Shlup about the whole "I'm trying to say they can't be disgusted" bull again, and I am seriously going to kill someone if this trend continues. I might be able to post once I get some actual sleep, but the level of oblivious dissonance is frustrating me now and my brain is too tired for that.
  10. I think I might be about done with that thread. The degree of doublethink is off-the-charts as people refuse to even accept the possibility that maybe their feelings aren't justified. People just keep bring up how EMOTIONS aren't bad and how finding it gross isn't wrong and I just keep making the same response that that isn't the issue time and time again. Miriel is especially annoying with her continual ad hominem attacks that never get around to anything remotely looking like a point (except that thinking is bad to her).
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