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  1. Well, technically, to be illegal to carry in Maryland, the weapon has to be possessed with the general intent to use it as a weapon. Something possessed for the use as a tool or hunting or any other non-weapon purposes is not criminal. Of course, that doesn't stop the police from charging a crime for anything remotely weapon-like.
  2. Yeah. Whenever the wife and I visit her family I have a hard time. I have a couple of EDC knives that I shuffle through and I spend a lot of the time not taking one and being jittery all day depending on where we go due to not understanding their laws.
  3. That is something similar to what I thought after browsing wikipedia. The point remains, of course, that the issue of whether that fits into what "knife" definition under Maryland law isn't clear-cut.
  4. This didn't warrant a post in the thread, but: a switch blade is a blade that is operated by a button or switch that leads the the knife opening completely unassisted (or shooting out as some turds have put it) by the user outside of the button press. A spring assisted knife still requires that the user guide the blade open before it locks into place. 1 = super fast the other = pretty quick

    If I remember, they also have the one hand operated knife rule in Baltimore (separate from the state law, which is a lot like the knife laws here in MN where they're pretty much run by the county to distinguish lengths that are legal) which I guess means spring assisted. All knives are one handed, so whatever.
  5. Whose campaign are you managing?
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