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  1. Oh. Didn't know she was pregnant again. I'm happy for her ^_^

    Thanks for the response.
  2. I have not spoken to her recently, though I know she had another baby a couple of months ago. I think being a mom to two kids is becoming a full-time job, so I'm not surprised she's not around much.
  3. Hey, Raistlin.

    Uhh... have you heard from Shlup? Haven't seen her on in a rather long time.
  4. You're a YouTube troll, now.
  5. It was a reference to your involvement in it in general but that works too.
  6. Is that a reference to how badly I stomped Shorty in Psychotic's wrestling let's play? Because if so, I approve.
  7. You're World Raistlin Entertainment.
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